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Tissue Salts


What are they?


Tissue salts — also called cell salts or biochemic salts — are minerals, the same minerals that are found in the earth’s rocks and soil. These minerals should be present in our bodies in a perfect balance, which is the prerequisite for complete health and well-being. The tissue salts are present in our food, or should be, when grown organically in mineral-rich soils. But, in modern-day agricultural practices, soils are leached of their life-sustaining minerals and boosted instead with chemical fertilizers and fumigants. Tissue salts are hand-ground in lactose over six attenuations, called ‘trituration’, the result is an easily absorbable pill that contains a minute amount of aspecific mineral salt in a lactose base.  Tissue salts can be taken individually or in combination, to assist with various health conditions and try and bring cells back into balance. Tissue salts are prepared homeopathically, which means tiny amounts of the minerals are taken in tablet or liquid form. 


Dr. Schuessler (1828 – 1898), an eminent 19th century German physician, discovered upon analysis, that when the human cell is reduced to ashes, it exhibits 12 minerals. He named this system biochemistry (the chemistry of life) from the Greek word bios meaning ‘the course of life’ and chemistry which means the knowledge of the elements and the laws governing their combination and behaviour. Dr. Schuessler regarded the inorganic mineral substances that constitute our planet Earth as the complete basis of the composition of our body’s bone and blood, organs and muscles. Ground down into minute particles, they could be easily absorbed by the human body.


More often with our patients, we often recommend homeopathic tissue salts to supplement their mineral health or deficiencies.




Number 1: Calc fluor - Tissue elasticity restorer

Number 2: Calc phos - Cell restorer

Number 3: Calc sulf - Blood purifier, purulent agent

Number 4: Ferr phos - Anti-inflammatory

Number 5: Kali mur - Detoxifying agent

Number 6: Kali phos - Nerve and brain cell agent

Number 7: Kali sulf - Metabolism, pancreas conditioner

Number 8: Mag phos - Pain and cramp killer

Number 9: Nat mur - Water distributor

Number 10: Nat phos - Acidity neutraliser

Number 11: Nat sulf - Liver cleanser

Number 12: Silicea - Skin and connective tissue conditioner



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