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Heilkunst Treatment


History of Heilkunst


Heilkunst, or the art of making people healthy in all aspects, is the name given by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, over 200 years ago. Dissatisfied with the basis of the medicine of his day, Dr. Hahnemann set out to observe nature and to discover the natural laws that govern health and disease. 


Hahnemann observed disease as being of a qualitative nature termed generative power and where disease is lodged. In order to cure disease and for the patient to sustain health, the practitioner must address the patient’s sequential timeline (thus to remove all shocks/traumas) using homeopathic medicine based on the law of similars  If you think of a metaphor of a cup of water, and you think of all of these life events and life traumas like one drop in the cup. Eventually, they build up until we get to the point that we are operating in overflow mode, and we develop symptoms which can be physical symptoms like high cholesterol or high blood pressure and emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression, OCD, fears, etc..  The symptoms can take on any form, but the key is to get back to the root causes of what was behind the body trying to resolve these health issues and create symptoms. 



Heilkunst encompasses three realms: Regimen, Medicine & Education



This is the realm of lifestyle – diet, exercise, nutrition, supplements, sleep, hydration, relaxation.  



This realm consists mainly of the treatment of various shocks and traumas (physical and emotional) acquired in our lifetime, as well as the potential for various inherited diseases (chronic miasms) that we carried into this world with us, a gift from our parents at conception.


Therapeutic Education

One of the greatest contributors to ill health is false beliefs about ourselves and the world. These easily can be shown to be untrue, but they dominate our thoughts and end up shaping the nature of our world. If we think we are not worthy, we will do things (even unconsciously) to undermine our success; if we think we are not loveable, we will take actions that drive love away. The practitioner will provide therapeutic education (counselling) in their monthly follow ups. 



What is a homeopathic remedy?


To understand the term ‘homeopathic remedy’ correctly, we need to understand both the words ‘homeopathic’ and ‘remedy’ accurately. In its literal sense, the word homeopathic means ‘similar suffering’ (as mentioned above), and is referring to the law of nature known as the ‘Law of Similars’. In this sense, then, it refers to a relationship between a disease and a medicinal substance which are very closely similar (and therefore, there is a curative relationship between them). Homeopathic remedies are derived mainly from plant, mineral and animal sources and have been made the same way for over 200 years.

While “symptom relief”, and homeostasis are not ignored in the practice of Heilkunst, they do not form its central organizing principle. Attaining health is not the mere shutting down of symptoms. Instead, the goal is to remove all blockages which stand in the way of the patient moving forward through their natural stages of development (physiological, mental, emotional, spiritual), so that they may be able to express their fully actualized potential. Specific health conditions are generally improved through this treatment process.



Initial Consultation (approx 90mins):


The patient will bring their completed patient intake form as well as their sequential timeline of shocks/traumas (refer to the form section).  Initial consultations can be conducted in-person or over the phone. You will also be given advice about your regimen and the ways in which you can do more to assist the healing powers of your body.  Remedies can be mailed out or picked up. 



Sequential Timeline

This includes charting a history of the specific physical and mental shocks and traumas (from the most recent to birth), as well as the genetic predispositions to illness inherited from your family tree.

Emotional Support


We will also provide a patient with a dropper bottle that contains NSOL remedies to help start lap away at the past grief, anger, fear, guilt. NSOL offers a kind of liberty to be able to discern how we want to react in the present without all the historical baggage. 


N –Natrum Muriaticum, for unresolved grief, loss, disappointment, and abandonment

S – Staphysagria, for unresolved frustration, anger, humiliation, betrayal, and feelings of being victimized.

O – Opium, for unresolved fear, anxiety, lack of initiative 

L – Lachesis, for unresolved guilt, shame, resentment (violations of trust) and jealousy.



Constitutional Remedy


Also included in your Emotional Support dropper is your constitutional remedy.   Each person has a different personality that's superficial because it depends who we are around and how we act around certain people.  Its a way of behaving in the world. Underneath we can develop a character structure that we are not in control of but dictates the way we act. Our constitutional remedy can help us to be more balanced and strengthen our immune system. The concept of constitution is seen through the emotional and spiritual character, likes and dislikes, occupation, lifestyle and habits, civic and domestic relationships, age and sexual functioning. The six genotypes or constitutions are Calcara Carbonica, Lycopodium, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Silica and Pulsatilla.



Chronic/ Genetic  Miasms


Did you know…that there are inherited factors that affect our health that goes beyond our genes?


Treatment of chronic miasms is the next logical step after clearing a patient’s timeline of shocks and traumas.  The 8 universal chronic miasms map out over the 4 seasons of the year, 1 pair per season (starting with Psora. Dr. Hahnemann discovered that these diseases that were originally infectious in nature had a detrimental effect on the patient that they ended up being passed on from generation to generation. In effect, he was the first to propose the concept of genetically inherited diseases.  Thus, as important as it is to remove the cumulative shocks and traumas, it is also critical in many cases to go past the point of conception and reach back into the various disease patterns we brought with us. As with all of the chronic miasms, it becomes relatively easy to identify the root of so many varied physical and mental-emotional symptoms. 



Psora - Fall (Sept-15-Oct 30)  Psora is related to the end of the season when leaves are falling, vegetation is dying lack of at all levels, and characterized by the classic itch. There is a fear of whether there will be enough to keep one alive during winter along with the fear of what was once gained is now being lost. There is the feeling that there needs to be a struggle in order to regain what is now gone. The essence of Psora is a form of struggle in order to survive. Physically is can be seen in psoriasis, eczema, oversensitive to sounds and bloating.


Malaria (Nov 1-Dec 15) The feelings here are of victimization, persecution, suspiciousness, irritability, and pessimism. Physically this makes us more prone to general aches and pains, digestive issues, fatigue, flus, colds, diarrhea, and vomiting.


Tuberculosis -  Winter (Dec 15 - Jan 30)  The Tuberculinum miasm sets in when winter is here and physically people are feeling run down and prone to infections of the ear, nose, throat, and lungs. There is a great need to bust loose and travel perhaps due to the cold weather or just anywhere to keep them moving and not stagnant. ”There is a huge need to get up and out as quickly as possible to escape this sense of oppression. Some feats may be rash, bold, daring and could be destructive


Ringworm - (Feb 1-March 14) “seasonal affective disorder” Mentally and emotionally they may feel trapped and irritable. The essence in Ringworm is of an intense struggle which is not life-threatening and a resignation to the fact that there is always going to be a level of some discomfort. There may be procrastination to finishing projects. Physically there may be issues with constipation, lack of energy and digestive issues.


Sycosis  (Medorrhinum) -Spring (March 15-April 30)  “sex, drugs” and “rock n roll” state of mind.  This is a time when we’ve had enough of the hibernating and are ready to bust out and live life to the max after a period of winter blues. Extremes are apparent here, making it necessary for people to want to experience everything and fully. Hyperactive to their environment, overreact to everything and everything becomes life-threatening. Mentally this may be seen as a weak memory where people are forgetful and lose the thread of conversation easily.  Physically, one may see allergies, joint pain, overgrowths and attacking the sexual organs.


Cancer (May 1-June 15) “Caretaker role”This can mean a period of intense and passionate activity, making one over-extend oneself on many levels. Everything has to be perfect.  They are living for others because they stopped living for themselves. 


Syphilis -Summer (June 16-July 31) Syphilis is in full force in the hot summer months. Rage, fury, destruction, accidents, road rage – these all represent this time. Emotionally, there is a complete feeling of hopelessness and despair so in order to survive, one needs to act in a manner as if it is their last attempt, even if it means death. They have a bunker mentality where they are rigid, mentally dull.  They are destructively creative, smart, cunning, obsessive and fixed in their ideas but out of contact with reality.   Physically you will ulcers, cankers, colitis, moles, bushy eyebrows and crooked teeth. 


Lyme -(Aug 1-Sept 15) -Profound state of alienation because they have been sacrificed and there is no energy or connection with the outside world. There is a deep sense of isolation and victimization with a deep feeling of disconnection and dark hopelessness. Seasonally, this is the time when there is still some hot days left but things are wrapping up and starting to go inwards and die off to get ready for the fall. Physically, there is pain, depression, headaches, brain fog, adrenal disorders, kidney/liver pain,  light sensitivity, memory loss and cognitive problems along with fatigue. In an extreme sense, there may be a feeling of being trapped within their own body and auto-immune 




What is a healing reaction and why they are necessary?

A healing reaction is usually experienced by the patient, on average, 12-15 days after taking the remedy. It is the body's way of acting to restore balance after the remedy has expelled the blockage or trauma.  The patient may experience a discharge  (such as a runny nose, headache, more frequent urination, nausea, rash etc.). The healing reaction is necessary for both healing and curing.


Follow-up Consultations

Follow-ups are conducted on a monthly basis (either in-person or over the phone) to assess regularly, according to the natural rhythm of removal of disease and healing and the progress of your treatment. You will be asked to describe any changes out of the ordinary over the month since your last visit. Remedies can be mailed out or picked up.







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