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Quantum Health TheraZinc Oral Spray

Immune Support in a Throat Spray

59 ml

Quantum Health TheraZinc Oral Spray

SKU: 0133
  • Our TheraZinc® Oral Spray delivers ionized zinc directly to your mouth and throat. For best results, spray toward the back of the throat, wait a few seconds, then swallow normally. Our spray is the perfect alternative to our zinc lozenges. And it’s great for air travel!

    This spray provides immune supporting zinc in a targeted, form. It rapidly releases the zinc ions into your system for immune support. Other forms of zinc may not convey consistent effects.*

    TheraZinc® Oral Spray also contains natural peppermint oil, menthol, and cherry bark extract, which which makes it taste great too. 

    Sweetened with stevia, so it is sugar free. No artificial colors!