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Dr. Reckeweg BC-4

Homeopathic medicine - Combination salt

200 tablets (20 g)

Dr. Reckeweg BC-4

SKU: 0016
  • Constipation

    Constipation results when waste material moves too slowly through the large bowel, resulting in infrequent and/or painful elimination. It can result from either organic or functional disturbances in the system. BC-4 combines five tissue salts to address symptoms such as constipated bowels with dry, hard stool accompanied by dull headaches, foul breath, and coated tongues.

    Calcarea fluorica 3X

    • There is an inability to expel the feces.
    • Helpful for relaxed conditions of the bowel.

    Calcarea phosphorica 3X

    • Costive, hard stool with blood.
    • Especially helpful in constipation in older patients.
    • Constipation associated with depression, vertigo and headaches.

    Kali muriaticum 3X

    • Constipation with a white coated tongue.
    • Beneficial in chronic cases of constipation.
    • Torpid liver.
    • Light colored stools due to a lack of bile from a sluggish liver.
    • Patient’s symptoms are worse after eating rich foods, fat, and pastry.

    Natrum muriaticum 3X

    It is known as the water-distributor, essentially controlling the levels of bodily fluids to maintain a proper degree of moisture throughout the system.

    • Constipation due to dryness of the mucous lining of the bowel.
    • After stool there is a torn, bleeding, smarting feeling.
    • Intestinal weakness.
    • Watery secretions from other parts – watery vomit, eyes, excess saliva.
    • Constipation with headaches.
    • Hemorrhoidal constipation.
    • Stools tend to be dry, hard and very difficult to pass.
    • Patient may experience drowsiness.
    • Proctalgia; neuralgia of the lower rectum.

    Silicea 6X

    • This tissue salt is helpful in constipation with chronic scrofulous and suppurative diseases.
    • Especially indicated for children who are malnourished with pale faces.
    • There is a loss of power in the rectum for expulsion of feces.
    • Feces recede after partial expulsion.
    • Soreness, stitches and shooting pain in anus.
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